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Active Carbon Adsorption Device

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Activated carbon used in gas adsorption, separation and purification, solvent recovery, sugar, liquid petroleum, oil, glycerin, drugs, drinking water or refrigerator deodorant, respirator filter poison, also can be used as a catalyst or the carrier of metal salt catalysts.
When organic exhaust gas powered by fan, positive pressure or negative pressure into the tower body, there is not due to the solid surface activated carbon balance and unsaturated molecular attraction or chemistry health, thus when the solid surface contact with the gas, can attract a gas molecule, and keep the solid surface to make it strong, pollutants and odor adsorption, exhaust gas after activated carbon adsorption tower, into the equipment dust exhausting system, purge gas high standards.
Activated carbon adsorber can also be called activated carbon adsorption tower, activated carbon adsorption device, activated carbon waste gas treatment equipment, activated carbon filter, activated carbon equipment. Activated carbon adsorber is often used for: all kinds of organic waste gas treatment, especially paint exhaust treatment, ink exhaust, soldering tin waste gas, plastic waste gas treatment and so on.