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Paint room equipment

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I. product introduction
Spray purification tower is an old wet dust removal equipment, because of its simple structure and small resistance, it is widely used as environmental protection equipment in industrial production. Suitable for chemical, petroleum, medicine, food, oil, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, environmental protection, light industry, compound fertilizer and other industries. The waste (tail) gas produced during production is effectively absorbed, washed or purified.
2. Working principle
How the purification tower works: it separates the pollutant from the gas and converts it into harmless substances, so as to purify the gas. It belongs to differential contact countercurrent type, and the filler in exhaust tower is the basic component of gas-liquid contact. It can provide enough surface area for the flow of gas and liquid without creating too much resistance. Exhaust duct suction, through the packing layer from bottom to top, absorbent cycle by the exhaust gas tower through liquid distributor, spray evenly into the packing layer, flow down along the surface of packing layer, into the circulation water tank. Due to the continuous contact between the updraft and the downdraft absorbent in the filler, the concentration of the updraft becomes lower and lower, and the discharge requirements are met when reaching the top of the tower.
3. Structural features
The equipment is divided into single tower body and double tower body. The round tower body is selected, which is connected by flange section. The filling tower is used to stop the purification of waste gas, which is suitable for continuous and intermittent emission of waste gas. Simple skills, proper handling, operation and repair, convenient and refined, will not affect the production of the workshop; Wide range of application, can purify a variety of pollutants and dust gases together; The tower body is made of fiberglass and carbon steel. The packing USES high efficiency and low resistance baler ring, can completely remove the odor and harmful substances in the gas.